“Slurp and Spray” an early learning picture book has been published

Slurp and Spray Children's Books

The first picture book published!

What is the thing that you truly love to do?
How can you help others with the thing you love?

toybox has just published the very first picture book focused on early learning.

Recently becoming a farther, I tried to put the key essence in growing “what we truly love to do” so that children can better prepare in this increasingly rapidly changing and exciting world.

Not only the book is designed to be fun and entertaining and serve as a good learning experience, it has quite a bit of innovative features that will bring richer story time experience.

The book has worksheets to create deeper conversation with your children and also is linked to an original web app so that you can note and share your children’s response to the book.

Hope you will have amazing story time with your children😀


Please take a look at Amazon. Available both in print and kindle.

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