Do you have clear ideas on “what” your children should learn?


“How” to learn and “What” to learn

There are a lot of great ideas on “how” young children should learn.

For example, Montessori methods advise parents to respect children’s self-teaching abilities and be observant and focus on offering support.

However “what” children should learn remains a bit unclear.

The fundamental skills are the cognitive skills such as learning alphabets, words, and working with numbers, and non-cognitive skills such as emotional stability, motivation, and self-regulation.

There’s no doubt that these are of great importance, but you could remain a bit unsure.

That is because historically, “what” children had to learn to live happily depended on the needs of society at that period of time, but in the rapidly changing world today we are not 100% sure what those things are.

Therefore, we should backsolve the “what” from the changing nature of society today.

Sounds interesting?

Let’s endeavor to find that out!

Tips on guiding children:

Take a moment and think about how the world is changing.

Then list up what you think are the essential skills to live happily in such a world.

What objects or experiences can you give to your children so that they can get in contact with skills to live happily?

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