likelog – an app that ‘grow what you love’ by toybox

Have you had moments like “Oh, so this is what makes you laugh!” or “this is what draws your attention!” while reading picture books to your children? Would’t it be great if we could easily note down such reaction?

toybox is offering a free web app called “likelog” that you can “note and share how your children felt reading the picture books.”

“Note and share” the emotions reading the picture books

If we could easily note what children are feeling each day we could understand much better how children are growing “what they love.”

Also, putting emotions into words would helps us understand them better.

toybox’s picture books are linked to the web app called “likelog” that you can easily “note and share” the reaction of your children while reading the books.

How to use likelog app

  • Enjoy reading the book to your children
  • Use the worksheet in the book to ask questions and get responses from you children
  • Use the QR code with your smart phone to jump to the web app. You will find the same picture and the question from the book so please note down the reaction
  • Select the emotion from the list of original emoticons. Also select the level of excitement of your children using the slide bar
  • Press “save to mypage.” The saved note can be shared to twitter and facebook with a single click of a button. Also you can download the memo as an image and use it to post to SNS that you like

When posting to SNS, it would be great if you could use #toybox, as we can all enjoy how other friends are enjoying the story time.

Check out “Slurp and Spray,” the first picture book linked to likelog.

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