Disclaimer and copyrights

toybox aims to ‘offer various services to assists growth of each person.’ To do so, we are developing many new contents that has new value. We are notifiying disclamer on our contents.

Also, toybox aims to continuously provide services and expand them. In doing so we need protection on our copyrights. We are notifying protection of copyrights on contents generated by toybox and its users.

If you decide to use toybox services, you need to agree with our disclamer and copyrights protection policies.


  1. Personal data protection
    1. As specified in our ‘privacy policy,’ toybox will take appropriate measures in aquiring, managing, and using user personal data for the management of our services. In order to avoid leakage of personal data we will use appropriate technology to our knowlage.
    2. However, toybox is on a trial phase and we may face unexpected technological issues or attempts of illegal access. Therefore we can not guarantee that the risk of security breach is zero. When using toybox services, please understand the potentail risks and use it in a way that you can minimize damage if any securiy breach happens. toybox will not take any responsibility for data leakage.
  2. Accuracy of information provided
    1. toybox is a learning service and will do our best to provide useful and accurate information in our contents and services. Howerver, we can not gurantee that our information is perfectly correct, effective, and safe.
  3. Responsibility on damages
    1. toybox will not take responsibiliy on any damages caused by using toybox services. toybox will not provide monetary compensation on any damages.
      1. Please understand that toybox is not liable to any damages caused by contents or services we provide
      2. toybox may suspend its services at any time and we will not take responsibility on any damages cause by our decision to discontinue our services
  4. User post contents
    1. toybox may delete user posts without any prior notification in case we find the post to be harmul and ill intended.


  1. Contents provided by toybox
    1. toybox holds copyrights on all contents developed by toybox including coputer programs, teaching methods, curricurum, learning frameworks, learning materials, texts, and images. Reproduction of such contents without our permision is prohibited.
      1. However, if the page of our content has SNS buttons, it is the exception and we encourage the user to share that page as long as toybox is credited.
      2. If SNS buttons are availabe the page is sharable. If not it is not sharable.
    2. toybox website is link free。You do not need to contact us to link to our page。However please do not directly link to our images.
    3. toybox is careful not to violate copyrights of other person and entities. Should you find any problems regarding copyrights on toybox content please contact us through the contact form. We will take neccessary measures promptly.
  2. User posted contents
    1. Copyrights on posts by user belong to the posted user
    2. However, in the sole goal to inprove our services, toybox may edit and modify user posted contets without any approval of the user.

This disclamer and copyrights notificaiton is released on 2021/9/27

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