toybox privacy policy

toybox aims to ‘offer various learning experience to assist your growth.’ In order to provide such services we aquire personal data. toybox understands the importance of personal data and here we announce our ‘privacy policy.’

Any user of toybox serive is considered to have agreed to this privacy policy.

  1. Purpose of acquiring personal data:
    1. To provide services and for other administrative purposes
    2. To imporove service quality
    3. To optimize advertising
  2. How we utilize personal data
    1. Administer user/membership
    2. Offer services
    3. Aggregate and analyze data generated as user uses the services
      1. Conduct survey
      2. Conduct quizes and tests, study the score data and report the result to the user, etc
  3. Notify user
    1. Information on new services, etc
  4. Optimization of advertisiment on toybox sites
  5. Type of data aquired: 
    1. Data requried for user registration, authentification, and deletion
    2. Data input necessary to provide service
      1. User posts and related user data
      2. User generated data
        1. Survey results, response to tests, test scores, etc
    3. Data necessary for advertisement optimization
    4. Data necessary for improving service
      1. Data needed for access analysis
      2. Input data by users
  6. Personal data management
    1. toybox will manage personal data with our greatest care
    2. toybox will make effort to utilize available security technology to protect personal data
      1. However please note that toybox is still on a test phase and as specified on a separate disclamer notice, we can not gurantee that our security measures will not be breached.
  7. Providind data to third party
    1. Toybox will not share personal data to third parties in a away individual can specified
    2. However we may share personal data to third party in such cases as below
      1. For social sign-in using other sns platforms
      2. Develop jont services with external parties
  8. Disclosure and resignation
    1. toybox will respond if user requested his personal data to be disclosed, modified, and deleted. toybox will do so upon verifying identiy
    2. User will need to pay $10 USD as an administrative fee
  9. Contact
    1. Should have any questions or concern please contact thourgh our contact form
  10.  Modification of this private policy
    1. In case toybox modified this private policy, toybox will notify the revised policy to users through one of the means below
      1. Website post
      2. Pop-up notification upon site visit
      3. Notification in the user mypage
  11. This policy was announced on September 27, 2021


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