“Heart Navigator” – learning framework for the VUCA world.

heart navi 未分類

The world is becoming increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA).
At the moment, it is quite unclear what children should learn to prepare for such a world.
This is because we do not have structured ideas on
what should be the goal and the means of learning in the VUCA world.

toybox directly addresses this question.

Learning framework of the VUCA world

Although the “goal of life” is a personal matter
and can never be generalized,
toybox deliberately defines the ideal as
“to live your own life and contribute to society.”
toybox believes that this is also true as the goal of learning.

toybox created a structured curriculum
called ”Heart Navigator” to approach this goal.

Heart Navigator has six major topics.

  1. Know the world
  2. Know yourself
  3. Create meaning 
  4. Design
  5. Realize
  6. Create Value

These six topics are the steps to
“Create the meaning of life by knowing the world and understanding yourself.
Then create value for society by designing the blueprint and realizing ideas.”

The learning process

Deliberately defining the goal of learning in the VUCA world as
“to live your own life and contribute to society,”
the major learning process is the following.

  1. Understand the social structure and the world around you
  2. Develop your likes and what you are good at
  3. Keep developing ideas on what you truly want to do in the society
  4. Come up with ideas and design how you can realize it
  5. Take it into action together with people around you
  6. Contribute to society with your ideas

We plan to discuss detailed topics for these six major topics
on Twitter, Instagram, and the web site.


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