Grow 'What you love'

About toybox

Some people would tell you 'You should do what you love.'
But can we find 'things that we love' so easily?

In the coming world, each of us is expected to find 'what we love' and help others through doing 'what we love.'

'Help others by doing things we love.'
It's an amazing idea if we could always do that.

But it may not be so easy to quickly find the 'things we love.' This is because that is not something we can 'find' but is what we need to 'grow.'

Therefore, since childhood to adulthood, we should always keep growing 'what we love.' If we could do that, in each moment of time, we would not need to find it; we would know it.

toybox is a place for kids and adults to 'keep growing what we love.' Also, it is a place to 'realize what we love' and make things happen. Like a toybox, we have many fun and colorful items to help you do that.

We hope something fun will come out from the toybox in your mind as well.